The Secret Garden

Thank you to all who auditioned for "The Secret Garden" and "Young Abe Lincoln: Encore"!  With nearly 100 people auditioning who

The Secret Garden 2018-04-19T13:50:01+00:00

Young Abe Lincoln: ENCORE!

After the success of "Young Abe Lincoln's" triumphant 30th anniversary return to the Amphitheatre's stage in 2017, make plans to attend

Young Abe Lincoln: ENCORE! 2018-04-18T21:35:43+00:00


Bartley, Grace Fagin's Gang, Workhouse Children Begle, Kyla Adult Ensemble Bray, Mason Nipper/Fagin's Gang, Workhouse Children Buechler, Sara Workhouse Children Chapman, Addison

Oliver 2018-03-08T02:24:17+00:00
UPCOMING WORKSHOP!    Rehearsal Best Practices - May 29
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