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As the reality of how this pandemic has, is, and will be affecting all of us reveals itself, Actors Community Theatre has had to engage in some very difficult conversations. Below are the results of those conversations.

Current Productions


While we have a play that’s ready to be performed in Escanaba in da Moonlight, we were just gearing up to begin production on our next big summer musical, Matilda. While the production would not open until the end of July, we would already be starting up production meetings, auditions, and rehearsals in the month of May.

As our community continues to observe proper social distancing for the safety of all, we ultimately decided that we could not risk the health and wellness of our cast and crew, especially the large number of young actors this production would require, and have made the difficult choice to not produce a musical this summer. We will also be cancelling our planned workshop for young and prospective actors. We’re disheartened to make this decision, but hope all of our dear friends on stage and in the audience will understand our reasoning. Those who are season ticket holders or who have purchased advanced tickets for Matilda will be receiving a full refund on their purchase.

That said, we are still 100% committed to bringing Matilda to the Jasper Arts Center stage, and have already adjusted our plans for our 74th season so that in the summer of 2021, that is exactly what we’ll be doing! We hope you’ll be as ready to rock this show as much as we are. Be on the lookout for our full season announcement soon!

Escanaba in da Moonlight

We are also fully committed to performing Escanaba in da Moonlight. Our cast and crew are ready to make you laugh and give you a much-needed respite as soon as possible within the permits of current guidelines. Unfortunately, that does mean we will need to postpone from our previous reschedule dates of May 14-16. We will communicate new performance dates and information to our audiences as quickly as possible in the coming days. As previously stated, any current ticket holders who would like a refund of their ticket purchase may contact us at to receive one.

The Rivalry

Lastly, we will also still be bringing you The Rivalry on the Lincoln Amphitheatre stage late this summer! This electrifying production on the Lincoln-Douglas debates will now take place September 11-13. If you’d like to join our production team for this great show, please visit our website to apply!

Be safe, wash your hands, and stay tuned for more ACT updates in the near future!