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Auditions are currently being held virtually for The Rivalry.

Adele Douglas (~22) – Wife of Stephen, narrator of events

Stephen A. Douglas (~45) – US Senator from Illinois, short in stature but a charismatic giant

Abraham Lincoln (~49) – Republican candidate for US Senate, a towering figure


Chorus “Citizens”

All chorus will be a part of most scenes, attempting to recreate the live atmosphere of these open air debates. These roles also contain sizable monologues, and if they play any instruments, they may be asked to play those instruments. These characters had no entertainment besides politics, and this show will represent how invested these individuals are in Lincoln and Douglas.

Citizens may be asked to talk to patrons in character before the show and during intermission, and they may also be used as part of set changes or different theatrical moments. They may also double as understudies for principal characters.

1 Male Identifying, Any Age (Republican Commiteeman/Citizen) – Enthusiastic Gentleman, Eager to be a part of the proceedings; passionate but not a great public speaker.

1 Female Identifying, Any Age (Lady Douglassite/Citizen) – SINGING REQUIRED; Actress may decide if singing is good or not. Presenting new work, 1800’s political fangirl (Singing not required at audition but may be asked about during audition process)

1 Any Gender, Any Age (Reporter/Citizen) – Quick talking, very angry but also brings up many good points; a good reporter never lets anyone shut him up

These roles will be cast using the auditions for the principal characters. If you are interested in just auditioning for one of these roles, you may still audition but please perform a selection from the list and perform it in the above character.

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