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“Here I Grew Up” is not part of ACT’s regular season. Ticketing and venue questions can be directed to Lincoln Amphitheatre.

“The community was growing, and I grew up with it.”

Here I Grew Up, a brand new original musical production, celebrates Abraham Lincoln and the community that helped shape his character. This honest and emotionally -charged story of Lincoln’s time in southern Indiana honors the pioneers who played an integral part in his formative years, helping to nurture his work ethic and desire to learn. With all new songs, lively dances, and a unique perspective on Lincoln’s life, Here I Grew Up is certain to entertain your whole family!

Children 12 and under are welcome to attend Here I Grew Up free of charge with a ticket.

Show Dates and Times

Doors for all tickets @ 6 p.m., show time 7 p.m. With one 15 minute intermission, end time will be approximately 9:15 p.m. All times central.

  • Friday, June 28, 2019
  • Saturday, June 29, 2019
  • Thursday, July 11, 2019
  • Friday, July 12, 2019
  • Saturday, July 13, 2019


Lincoln Amphitheatre
Lincoln Amphitheatre
15032 E County Rd 1500
Lincoln City, IN 47552

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Cast Information

First and foremost, on behalf of the Production Staff, THANK YOU! We saw an amazing turnout this year for HERE I GREW UP. We were blown away by the amount of talent in our community and feel incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to see each of you audition.

There is a lot of work that goes into putting on a production. I believe the most difficult part is casting. It is a beautiful, challenging, intricate puzzle that takes a tremendous amount of work to complete. For two weeks Alax, Tyler S., Tyler L., and I have poured over the 75 auditions that we received. A lot was taken into consideration as we reviewed them – the audition itself, scheduling conflicts, how each character works with others (age, how the characters look together, voice type, etc.) – it truly is a puzzle.

I stated at the beginning of every audition that we planned to keep the cast at no more than 50 people. That means we had the difficult task of cutting 25 people. 25 people who I respect, who are each talented, and who I know will continue to do extraordinary things on stage in our communities. At some point in each of our careers we have faced or will face not being cast in a show or in the role we want. It’s painful and upsetting. I have faced that often in my 21 years of working on stage. While it didn’t make sense to me at the time, it gave me motivation to come back year after year and grow as a performer.

There are many reasons why this summer may not be yours at the Lincoln Amphitheatre, but I hope that you know that each and everyone of you gave your heart in the audition room and I am so proud of you, but mostly I am grateful for you. I am grateful you challenged me as a director. Now, I challenge you. My challenge to every one of you who auditioned, regardless of the outcome, is that you continue to audition. The journey of an actor isn’t an easy one because of the many factors at play, but we rise to opportunity for the love of art.

Jasmine Bosler

Alaina Greenwood – Matilda
Alexis Kleiman – Ensemble/Costumer
Alicia Fortune – Ensemble
Ashleigh Kleiman – Ensemble (Dance group 3)
Ashley Whitsitt – Ensemble (Dance group 2)
Ava Bartley – Ensemble
Ava Claire Werne – Girl Sarah
Ben Schitter – William Grigsby
Brandon Grindle – Andrew Crawford, Matthew Gentry
Brice Austin – Boy Aaron
Britni Haycox – Betsy Sparrow (Dance group 3)
Camille Woolston – Nancy
Dean Dorrel – President Lincoln
Devin Galloway – John D (Dance group 1)
Ella Hopf – Ensemble
Ella Mathis – Ensemble
Ethan Fritch – Teen Abe
Faustina Lueken – Ensemble
Garrett Altmeyer – Dennis
Gavin Carter – Young Abe
Jonnel Miranda – Junior Grigsby (Dance group 1)
Karyssa Morgan – Mrs. Grigsby
Kiersten Hill – Ensemble
Kyle Burgess – Reuben Grigsby/Josiah Crawford )Dance group 2)
Kyle Rupert – Thomas Lincoln
Larissa Hurm – Nancy Brooner (Dance group 2)
Lesley Mackey – Mr. Gentry (Dance group 2)
Madeline Songer – Ensemble
Mason Bray – Boy Nattie
Matthew Utley – Peter Brooner, Allen Gentry
Melanie Patterson – Ensemble (Dance group 1)
Molly Rupert – Sarah (Dance group 1)
Noah Stiles – Henry Brooner (Dance Group 3)
Olivia Hedinger – Ensemble (Dance group 1/Dance Captain)
Paige Murray – Sally
Penelope Roy – Ensemble
Reggie Matute – Allen Brooner (Dance group 3)
Reilly Lechner – Charles Grigsby (Dance group 3)
Rhashaad Lee – Jameson
Richard Gutierrez – Customer
Rylan Kessans – Girl Ann Roby
Sam Shappard – Boy Abe
Shelby Miller – Elizabeth (Dance group 3)
Sophia Greenwood – Ensemble (Dance group 2)
Trenton Hill – Squire Hall (Dance group 3)
Tyler Smith – John Wilkes Booth, Aaron
Tyra Drew – Ensemble (Dance group 3)
Weston Whitehouse – Tom Sparrow, David Turnham Dance group 1
Whitney Wagler – Ann Roby
Zach Fortune – Nattie Grigsby (Dance group 2)