I’m out of town over the 4th of July. Can I audition for Here I Grew Up?2019-02-12T03:49:56-05:00

YES! In the past, we were in tech over the holiday, so being out of town was a dealbreaker. This year, we are opening a weekend earlier, taking a break over the holiday, and then coming back for shows the second weekend of July. There will be pick-up rehearsals the week of July 7.

Tell me a little bit about the shows for Summer 2019…2019-02-12T02:09:45-05:00

Here I Grew Up is an original musical! That’s right – after two summers of bringing back Young Abe Lincoln, we’re coming to Lincoln Amphitheatre with a brand new show, filled with new songs and dances.

Into the Woods is an iconic Stephen Sondheim musical that gives new depth and drama to beloved fairy tales. It will be performed at the Jasper Arts Center.

Who wrote the book, lyrics, and music for Here I Grew Up?2019-02-12T02:03:37-05:00

Here I Grew Up is being developed by Actors Community Theatre. Approximately 18 months ago, we selected a script that had been submitted to Lincoln Amphitheatre years ago for possible production. Since early 2018, we have developed the script and score through numerous iterations. We are so excited to share this brand new show with you!

I heard the Summer 2019 shows are holding separate auditions. Why?2019-02-12T02:06:43-05:00

While it’s true that the past two years we held auditions for both summer shows simultaneously, that is not feasible this year. Here I Grew Up will begin rehearsals in April, while Into the Woods will not start rehearsing until after Memorial Day. We needed to get a jump start on Here I Grew Up, as the process for rehearsing a brand new show is more involved.

When are auditions for Here I Grew Up and Into the Woods?2019-02-12T03:15:14-05:00

Auditions for Here I Grew Up will be at the end of February. You can find more info here.

Audition dates for Into the Woods have not been set yet. You can expect them to be in early to mid May.

Can I audition for both Here I Grew Up and Into the Woods?2019-02-12T03:16:30-05:00

Yes! Just know that if cast in both shows, you will likely be rehearsing 6-7 days a week in June and part of July. If you are up for the challenge, game on!

I can’t make it to the audition dates. Can I submit a video audition?2019-02-12T03:22:26-05:00

The directors would prefer to see you in person, but they understand that sometimes that isn’t possible.

For Here I Grew Up, please email Jasmine Bosler: jasmine.bosler@gmail.com. Information for Into the Woods will be available at a later date.

Is there a part for me?2019-02-12T03:24:44-05:00

Here I Grew Up will feature a cast of approximately 50 people ages 8-80. There are numerous speaking roles as well as an ensemble, and actors, singers, and dancers are all needed and showcased in this production.

Into the Woods has approximately 20 roles. There are two children and several adult roles. Sometimes, directors choose to add an ensemble. ACT has not yet hired a director for this production and cannot speak as to whether or not there will be an ensemble.

Did you hear that? We haven’t hired a director yet for Into the Woods…2019-02-12T03:27:25-05:00

We haven’t hired any of our production staff for Into the Woods yet, but we are accepting applications! Please apply by March 1, 2019.

What will the rehearsal schedule look like?2019-02-12T03:33:38-05:00

While our directors will make the rehearsal schedule, you can expect Here I Grew Up to begin rehearsals in April (most likely Saturday mornings / early afternoons and a weeknight or two at first). Into the Woods will begin after Memorial Day. Typically, each show rehearses three times a week. Here I Grew Up will rehearse at Lincoln Amphitheatre (or nearby) and Into the Woods will rehearse at the Jasper Arts Center.

So, who’s directing Here I Grew Up?2019-02-12T03:53:17-05:00

Jasmine (Ruckriegel) Bosler has been hired to direct. The team is also welcoming Alax Luegers as the assistant director. Tyler Lemen is returning as the music director, and Tyler Smith is returning as the choreographer.

I would love to be involved, but I don’t want to be on stage. Now what?2019-02-12T03:55:05-05:00

E-mail us! Right now! WE NEED YOU! We need people to serve as assistant stage managers, light and sound techs, and set builders! Please! It takes a lot of energy to put on a musical, let alone two. No prior experience needed – if you have an interest and the time, please reach out!

The way is clear,
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